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Personal Meaning is always personal, unique, and specific. The reason today that I write about Personal Meaning is that something happened to me some 18 years ago that sent me on the path of discovering meaning; actually, I think it is more accurate to say meaning discovered me.
How Meaning Discovered Me
In 1998 the most significant moment in my life occurred, whilst on a family holiday in England. On the morning of a planned trip, I discovered that the car windshield had been stolen. So the trip was off, and instead we went on a walk around town.
We “chanced” upon a shop that offered aura photography sessions and decided to have our auras snapped.
Afterwards a lady explained to me the significance of the colors in my photograph, 

but after only a moment, I was lost in an altogether different experience.
Suddenly I saw my whole life spread out before me. It was divided into three equal and clearly defined stages. The first 25 years were devoted to the body, the second 25 to the psyche, and the third 25 to the spirit. Then I was 48.
I found myself on a path of discovery that engaged me for the next decade. And that experience became the content of the book, The Birth of a Stone.
What was the connection between these events and my path in life, I had no idea.
Later on I discovered that although I had lost a windshield and a trip to visit a friend, what I had found was something far more valuable: a vision of my entire life with a path to travel on.
Formal Qualifications
I received an M.A. in Social Work from Tel Aviv University. I worked for 15 years in Mental Health and taught Social Work at the Tel Hai Academic College.

Book Reviews

Peter Mond has a very refined faculty of hearing…….Mond is able to hear the voice from the texts before him, from the dreams within him, and from the details of life surrounding him.
David Patterson
Bornblum Chair in Judaic Studies, University of Memphis, U.S.A

The Birth of a Stone is an invaluable resource for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, especially those who feel they have been traveling alone
Rabbi Ari Kahn
Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies, Director of Foreign Student Programs, Bar-Elan University, Israel.

it speaks to both mind and heart, and is a practical manual for real spiritual growth.
Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman
Director, Ohr Chadash: New Horizons in Jewish Experiences, Moshav Meor Modiin, Israel.

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Life Asks, We Answer

A Talk by Peter Mond, author of The Birth of a Stone

Maybe you can’t find your car keys in the morning; or you missed the train. Or something more unusual happened.
We don’t give much time and thought to most of our experiences. We toss them from our minds like rubbish. But – quite often – they are not rubbish at all. They are a great treasure.
The secret to re-owning this treasure lies in noticing these experiences and learning to hear the message hidden within them.
In his talks on this subject, Peter Mond – author, social worker, teacher – shares stories and insights about finding his own path to this treasure. And he invites you to find your own.
To invite Peter to speak to your group, organization, congregation, contact him at 972-54-4957528
Each talk can be interactive, depending on the size of the group or it can be presented in lecture format.
Peter Mond is director of the In the Quiet Space Center, Tsfat, Israel. ITQS is a therapeutic and educational center focusing on the use of inner quiet as a coping skill. Mr Mond holds a Master of Social Work degree from Tel Aviv University, and was a lecturer on spirituality in social work at the Tel Hai Academic College.

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